Welcome to Kuusamo College!

Kuusamo college is a non-formal education centre located in Kuusamo town in the north-eastern part of Finland, close to the Arctic Circle and the Russian border. We offer a wide range of courses in Nature Photograpy, Arts, Handicrafts and Finnish Culture & Nature, both short courses and complete study year courses. In addition, we run hobby courses in Music, Dance, Health excercise, Languages, ICT basics, etc. All age groups are welcome! Even Summer University studies are available throughout the year at Kuusamo College.

We also provide accommodation services for students, visitors and tourists on our beautiful and peaceful campus in the middle of Kuusamo town. For groups we arrange meals and tailor-made programs, e.g. visits to the reindeer and husky farms.

Contact information
Kuusamo College
Kitkantie 35, 93600 Kuusamo
tel. +358 (0)50 444 1157
e-mail: opisto@kuusamo.fi
www.kuusamo-opisto.fi , www.facebook.com/KuusamoOpisto

Office open Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00
Accommodation only at office hours.